​Dear sexy young lady, 

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We know your body is sexy and your breasts very appealing and arousing. But, if you care to know, all it takes for a breast to sag is one baby…with all due respect to mothers. So, you can keep bombarding us with all those sexy breasts and naked bodies for all we care.
It won’t be long and marriage will happen, and then the babies will come…then we will thirst for those pictures of you, those very ones that you refuse to wear brassieres and just expose the “things” like that, and those full body unclad ones that show your smooth wrinkle-free and stretch-marks-free bellies, thighs and butts; and we will see if they will still trickle in 😂.

Especially when we know you can’t afford like the celebrity role models you are copying “left right front back center”, the silicone implants or the average surgeon’s fees associated with…

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From time to time our emotions will be triggered by certain things or even people.The emotions we’ll experience will either be positive or negative,the question is ,do we really know how to respond to each one of them?

We’re bound to come across people who’ll piss you off, but how will you deal with them???

will you fight them?

will you yell at them?

will you curse them?

will you despise them?

A research has been done that we humans cannot control our emotions but we can work on how to prevent our emotions from controlling us.

How to control our emotions

*Learn to react less for the less you react the better you can respond.

*Master how to remain calm, Compose yourself before taking any action.

*Train your mind to control your emotions

*Evaluate the disadvantages that come with how you respond to every emotion

*Give yourself space to think about what just happened.

*Don’t jump into conclusions,get to the bottom of the matter.

By keenly trying out this ways you’ll eventually learn how to not let your emotions control you.


In as much as nobody ever wants to talk about this, I found the need to. DEATH! “I’m so sorry we tried all we could but…” these words alone can turn around your life in a second. Tears,agony, countless snuffles, wild thoughts, name it…are some of the negative effects that death comes with. Loosing a loved one is one of the greatest pain that no one can ever understand except for you and your soul. You let go the tough you, and release your inner self which is hurt.

What comes next?? Numerous questions of why now…’it’s not fair!! ‘allegations. darling never expect life to be fair! You try to find something to blame until you’re in a position to accept the fact that they’re really gone. Yes! you’re broken and the thought of them never coming back hurts more. It’ll seem like an illusion or a dream and make yourself believe that they’ll be back… until the time comes to lay them in their graves. that’s when it’ll hit you hard that they’re really gone.

Your heart breaks, you even question the Almighty but the fact will still remain. it is done! they’re no more!

what do you do once you feel this way???

✓allow yourself to feel the pain.

✓Break down until you no longer feel the pain in you.

✓Accept the fact that they’re no more.

✓Wipe your tears and invite the good memories you had with them.

✓Tell yourself that you’re lucky that you had spent time with them.

✓offer their souls to The Almighty.

This is the hardest part where you say. ‘LIFE MUST MOVE ON WITHOUT YOU! ‘


okay,some of us tend to procrastinate some of our duties once in a while.oookaaaayy! we procrastinate allot!!big time!! “ugh I’ll do it tomorrow” same old statement. over and over again we convince ourselves that it’s not a must we do whatever we’re supposed to do at that particular moment.not knowing that if done once and for all it quickly clears our to do activities.if you think I’m here to give you a solution to this ‘disease’ then I’m so sorry I’m also trying to figure it out.I have reached a point where I’ve just accepted me for being a”there’s time I’ll do it later” person.like for instance it has taken me allot of convincing on my brain to write about this…so what do you think we should do about this?I definitely have no clue on what to do but I believe that if you set your mind into doing something later, it’ll keep on ringing in your mind after every second”hey remember you still have to do this and this” it’ll be like a mosquito late at night bugging you from your sleep.instead, do whatever you have to do at that same moment it has rang in your mind to avoid congestion of to do activities.I’m really trying to embrace this theory of not postponing things but if I am giving it a shot,why not you?and before I forget this might even end up into becoming an illness if not controlled.People are really postponing things just because they’re afraid of completing certain tasks.It may seem funny or absurd but it’s really something you should learn to avoid at all cost .


Am I safe???is this person really genuine???…These are some of the questions that we ask ourselves nowadays which is a bit disturbing for we no longer trust anybody anymore. Gender no longer acts as a barrier to some offences being committed in this society.

NO! should be a word to be taken into consideration, but some of us choose to act like we’ve not heard it and tend to destroy people’s Innocence.”please don’t” has become like a daily statement from innocent souls begging and pleading not to be heart sexually by their fellow beings who want to do it for pleasure.With hope this people believe they’ll get justice but instead we act all prudish when it comes to this matter.

We’ve turned a deaf ear to the numerous cries of people’s privacy being invaded and violated.people are even joking about this monstrous behavior which is sad knowing that others are even suffering in silence.

RAPE!is no longer a new word to our ears.day in day out we hear cases of people being taken advantage of but instead what do we do???we judge them and insinuate that they’re the reason why it happened to them.Don’t you think the victim would wish to reverse that fateful moment.

People are now becoming vile and crude not minding about others as long as they’re happy and pleased.Let’s at least have a sense of humanity within us to help the victims once they undergo such trauma and be sure to make sure that those monsters that destroy their Innocence get punished.

You never know… today it might be a sranger but tomorrow it might be your sister or brother… instead of judging,offer your hand to this people!

Wondering when loving me is enough!

I think we’re all taking this a little bit far… it’s always not about perfection you know. Our dear insecurities that we tend to hide from the public eye could actually be our life renewals if we learn to activate optism in our lives. “Will they like it?”…”will they think its too basic?”…who are ‘they’. This is how we slowly let other people’s opinions be our priorities and our determiners. Trying to please everyone. huh. We’re human so mistakes are part of us. Depression is now creeping into many people via their insecurities thus becoming a morass. So what if you don’t reach people’s expectations. So what if you’re not ready to abide to their rulings. As long as you do what makes you happy and it’s worth, move on. Deaths have been continuously reported of people who have actually ended their lives having stayed with the mentality of not being worth.You’re more than you think you are.porky information about you will definitely be said but turn a deaf ear to all of that and you won’t even notice when it all comes to an end. SOCIETY IS HERE FOR WHOEVER. JUST BE YOU!!!


“I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO”For how long will we have to listen to this saying. Long enough to watch the people we care about get killed? it’s sad to now hear that my skin color defines my personality. We’ve accomplished allot together and letting our difference separate us is not worth.Tears and continuous blood shed is being witnessed day in day out. It is so inhuman to take advantage of my Innocence just because of my skin tone.It’ ll be a fallacy to state that we’re equal if you’ve never had a gun put on your head just because the authority thinks you’re a threat. Will a protest help? all they see is a rabble! you may think it doesn’t affect you in any way but when you give it a thought you’ll not be ready to let the coming generation see the brutality that is being fought for today. We’ve even reached a point where we beg for our lives. We have to be selfless at a point and fight for each other. I’m black and that doesn’t make me a threat to the society! Numerous remonstrances will be done but the question will still remain”DO BLACK LIVES MATTER TO YOU?”

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